💰 How to INVEST as a DIGITAL NOMAD. 💸 Where to INVEST $2,000-$100,000 as a PERPETUAL TRAVELER


Digital Nomads often feel smarter than the average population. Here's what I learned talking with more intelligent people than me on INVESTING.

You will discover:

  • How to invest (passive income or salary) as a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler?
  • How many days will it take you to retire as a Digital Nomad?
  • What taxes does a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler pay on their investments?


If you are a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler and:

  • don't know how to invest your online money
  • or you think about optimizing your portfolio

you are on the right spot; read until the end.

Investing and owning assets will allow you to be FREE and not depend on your work or active hours to keep enjoying your nomadic lifestyle.


How to invest (passive income or salary) as a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler? 

BIASES of Digital Nomads on Crypto Investing

I am a Digital Nomad:

  1. I know how the web, online world work.

  2. I know how to profit from online activities

  3. I think the old banking system is a pain in the back.


If this is you, this can be a bias that make you LOSE all your money (on that in a minute)


Why Investing in Crypto as a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler

Crypto—whether it is Bitcoin or another currency on the blockchain—solves an immense pain for us:

Accepting payments in a universal currency—solving the exchanges, borders, banking issues.

It also has another upside: Bitcoin has been the best performing asset of the decade (2009-2019).

Buy low, HODL, and sell higher after some months or years has been (and still is) a highly profitable strategy for many Online Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, and Perpetual Travelers.

In many countries, Bitcoin and other crypto are tax-free—on capital gains, when exchanging, when selling to fiat money.

(Explained in the Protect and Tax-optimization chapter of my book Travel Without Working).


As a personal experience, a good month of crypto—without working, only buying and HODLing—made me 36 salaries. 36 salaries of an average employee working 40h/week in Barcelona.

Maybe more than 50 salaries—net profit!—if we consider an average Digital Nomad that uses almost all their income to pay for their lifestyle.


If you are the average Digital Nomad that works 8-10h a day (like I was three years ago, too), you might want to check out my book Travel Without Working. I share the strategies that got me to this top 1% lifestyle—after losing dozens of thousands of dollars in failed tactics, too (those also appear on the book so you can learn from my mistakes).


❌ Where I would NOT INVEST $2,000-$100,000 as a PERPETUAL TRAVELER

I am not a financial advisor, and this is only my opinion—what I do with my money.

When it comes to bling-bling:

  • I don't trust governments/countries.
  • I don't trust people.

They are both easily influenced, manipulated, and corrupted by money.



I don't invest in the Stock Market because it is easily manipulable and opaque.

I don't invest in Real Estate:

  1. A war can start, and your property can be affected.
  2. Taxes or laws in that country can change in a year and no longer make it a wise investment choice.
  3. Natural disasters, delinquency in the neighborhood, bad news about the area can pop up at any moment.
  4. It is illiquid and non-fungible—therefore, I might have my funds "frozen" until I can sell it.

I don't invest in Gold, Silver, metals because:

  • I depend on a third party—a bank, a safe—to store it for me.
  • The metals reside in a country—what if they close the borders or don't allow me/travelers to enter for some time or a long time?
  • They are difficult to transport (and my subconscious doesn't want me to make more money because it anticipates the more significant management problems I will face with each extra kilo of gold I own)


This leaves me with a favorite, clear winner: crypto.


💸 Where  To INVEST $2,000-$100,000 as a PERPETUAL TRAVELER

If you have money sitting idle on your bank account or an online payment processor, you are an average Digital Nomad; you are below the line.

Extraordinary Nomads invest all the money they don't need soon to create a passive income source.

Where would I invest my money right now as a Digital Nomad, Perpetual Traveler, or Online Entrepreneur:

  • $2,000-$100,000: Crypto

  • +$100,000: Crypto as well.

I put my money where my mouth is—over 95% of my wealth, of my net worth (at the moment of writing), is in crypto.


Why? Because I learned how to PROFITABLY invest in crypto in a scientific-proven and automated way.

Before that, let's see the dangers of crypto investing.


The 3 CONS and MISTAKES Digital Nomads Make Investing in Crypto

  1. Digital Nomads are easily influenced because they are on social media and can get bombarded with bearish/bullish sentiments of the space.

  2. Digital Nomads are early adopters, and sometimes they don't take the time to assess and do risk management.

  3. Digital Nomads are risk-takers and sometimes over-confident, too bullish on crypto price projections.

Add to that:

  • No entry point analysis.
  • No price target.
  • No time horizon.
  • Even no previous (in-depth) study of the asset or crypto project.

Big mistake.


I know what I am talking about because I've lost dozens of thousands of dollars to learn from those mistakes. If that happened to you, you are not alone.

I've also tested different investing approaches with small subaccount, and I got liquidated.

All to realize that the simplest, most minimalist, long-term automated strategy is the winner.

In the Investing chapter of my book Travel Without Working, you can read all about it—including the science and graphs that back it up. For some readers, only this chapter will already be worth the book's price (how much money can you avoid losing by knowing the strategies that work?)


By buying the book, you support me and the community on this journey of freeing Digital Nomads and Perpetual Travelers from working for necessity.

If, for some reason, you can't afford the price of the book or don't want to buy it right now, I will give you a free hint on that chapter: DCA.


How many days will it take you to retire as a Digital Nomad?

 This number depends on three factors:

  1. Your saving speed (after taxes)
  2. Your investment yielding
  3. Your needs after retirement

The more you save monthly (average nomads save less than 50% of their Money In; Extraordinary Nomads more than 90%)

The more your investments yield annually (average nomads get a 7-10% annually, Extraordinary Nomads aim to double their wealth—if you get lucky, you can get a 404% increase in your net worth, in a year as I did)

The less you need after retirement ($2,000 vs. $7,000 a month in passive income)

The sooner you will get to your Freedom Day—when your investments cover your traveling lifestyle.

For more than 200 pages, my book is dedicated to helping Digital Nomads, Perpetual Travelers, and Online Entrepreneurs get there. You can check it out here.


What taxes does a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler pay on their investments?

This is a massive (almost unfair) advantage of Digital Nomads.

If you spend less than 183 days in a country per natural year, getting to less than 3% taxes annually (even 0%) is so easy.

Each country is like a company—some of them offer you better deals that you can sign up for.

List of tax havens or ways to not pay taxes legally:

  • Cyprus, in Europe
  • Paraguay, in South America
  • Dubai, in the Middle East
  • Wyoming/Delaware LLCs in the US (if you are not a citizen there)
  • Estonian companies (e-residency)

These are just a few examples because each year regulations change, and countries add and remove programs.


For an updated version, Google search: tax-free countries or tax-free programs (for Digital Nomads), and you will get an idea.

You can also save time and check it out in a curated way in Part 3 of my book—Protecting—where you can learn about Tax-optimization the Extraordinary Nomad way.

The next step is always talking to an expert attorney or immigration firm. Most of them offer brief free consultation sessions to map out the best-tailored plan for you.

To sum up: you can easily invest tax-free as a Digital Nomad. Get the correct information and enjoy the benefits of being a Perpetual Traveler—most likely making money online.


Let's recap

💰 How to INVEST as a DIGITAL NOMAD. 💸 Where to INVEST $2,000-$100,000 as a PERPETUAL TRAVELER

1. Do your own research and invest in your favorite assets
2. If you invest in crypto, study the fundamentals first.
3. Calculate your Freedom Number (so you have a numeric goal that keeps you disciplined)
4. Learn about Flag Theory and Legally pay 0-2.9% taxes a year

Do all of these, and you will enjoy the Extraordinary Nomad lifestyle.


Thanks for reading until here. I appreciate you.

See you in the next one.

Be extraordinary.

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