💰👀 How Do Digital Nomads MAKE MONEY ONLINE? TOP 5+1 PROVEN WAYS ✅ to Make Money as a Digital Nomad




The Common Ways Digital Nomads MAKE MONEY ONLINE (From worst to best):

5. Start a Blog

You can start a blog to become a digital nomad. Again, like with an online course, you have to find a niche topic to write about and become an expert in that field.

If you already have a blog that gets traffic, you can do affiliate marketing to make an income. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other businesses and products through your blog. You make money each time a visitor clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product.

The con is that most affiliate links pay very poorly per sale.


4. Tutor or Teach

If you have a passion for teaching and traveling, you can do both.

You can teach English overseas. The problem is that the pay it might be very low (and you make money with your time—not good).

Another option is to teach or tutor online. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and some Bluetooth earbuds.

You can also offer virtual tutoring services. You could tutor specific subjects or languages. You can find virtual tutoring jobs on online job boards.

Ideally, you will create a COURSE (keep reading)


3. Do Freelance Work Online

There are many different types of freelance jobs you can get online. It all depends on what you’re skilled in.
Make money writing, doing marketing, as a translator...

You can find remote freelance work on job board sites like Indeed, Fiverr, Upwork.


2. Rent Out Your Home, Car, or Space

If you own a home or even a car, you can earn income by renting out space.

You can rent out your house through platforms such as Airbnb. Depending on the size of your home, you can rent out the whole space at once or you can rent out multiple bedrooms to different people.

There are even apps that allow you to rent out storage space, parking space, or garage—like Bluespace.

You will have to be creative if you want to manage these rentals remotely. For example, you can install digital locks or a digital keypad for your home. Or hire somebody for a commission.


1. Make Passive Income with Online Courses

Another way to become a digital nomad is to make passive income. One way to do this is to create an online course. If you’re really skilled in an area, you can create an online course.

You need to find a niche audience and show them how your course can get them real results and help them solve a problem or issue. Some popular online course topics include time management, web design, and programming.

Another way you can make passive income is by publishing a (digital) book.



Once your capital is big enough (working and saving) an increment in your principal will make you more than months (or years!) of active working hours.

The Compound Interest is real. Start as soon as possible.

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